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“Design Checker/Chess game in Objected Oriented View.”

“Find number of ones in an integer.”

“Find the deepest common ancestor of two nodes in a tree structure.”

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“You have all of the prices for a given stock for the next year. You can buy once and sell once in that year. How do you determine when to buy and sell to maximize your profit?”

“you have a sequence where each number is a multiple of 2 or 5 (so: 2^i * 5^j). he gave the beginning of the sequence as 1,2,3,4,5,8,10,16... and asked me to find an algorithm to calculate the next...”

“Number of 1's in binary representation of integer?”

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“Given an array of integers, now we want to erase all 0's (can be other value), and we want the result array condensed, meaning no empty cell in the array.”

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“The Game of Nim worded diffently.”

“Find the first index of the substring. Condition: Do not use java library function or regular expressions. And measure the performance of your implementation with the standard java library...”

“1. sliding window algorithm 2. Why ZocDoc? Your interest match with the team and position. 3. System design question involving cache mechanism 4. triangle tree and some questions on threading...”

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