Engineering Interview Questions

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“You have a genealogy:
1) Describe a data structure to represent it.
2) Given any two people within the genealogy, describe an algorithm to determine if they share a common ancestor. You just need…”

“What is systems engineering?”

“This was a very 'hands on' interview. No BS questions, but know every manufacturing process you can, regardless how abstract. Same goes for surface finishing, treatments, and manufacturing…”

“Given 999 distinct numbers between 1 and 1000, find one/two that is/are missing.”

“What is your favorite technical acronym?”

“how to find the closest 2 number in an array of unique positive number”

“Do you have good knowledge of thermodynamics?”

“Have you had any experience dealing with customer who don't adhear to a design freeze?”

“What do you like about Consulting services?”

“What command do you use to find OSPF neighbors? Seriously?”

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