Engineering IT Interview Questions

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“How much you know about other IT engineering areas?”

“Describe how a typical WebSphere environment looks like.”

“"Hi I am ____, I called to check if you are fit for this position or not'!! 'How to create SCCM package for software deployment' & 'What is IP and how it works?', where I was interviewing for Sr...”

“Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”

“Name a time when you had a bad partner on a project and what did you do.”

“What can you offer that perhaps other can't?”

“They asked for me to talk about the technical depth for several of the items that I had shown on my resume, thankfully I was honest on my resume and was able to provide the right answers and...”

“How did I plan to deal with the (somewhat) extremely long drive into the office? I live 50+ miles from the office. I really didn't expect this question as I was aware of the drive from the start...”

“Asked three times how I would handle difficult people when I provided clear, concise and professional answers the first two times.”

“How would you manage the complete infrastructure without any guidance from top?”

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