Engineering IT Interview Questions

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“What can you offer that perhaps other can't?”

“They asked for me to talk about the technical depth for several of the items that I had shown on my resume, thankfully I was honest on my resume and was able to provide the right answers and…”

“How did I plan to deal with the (somewhat) extremely long drive into the office? I live 50+ miles from the office. I really didn't expect this question as I was aware of the drive from the start…”

“Asked three times how I would handle difficult people when I provided clear, concise and professional answers the first two times.”

“How would you manage the complete infrastructure without any guidance from top?”

“Not all that difficult, but what is the difference between classification and regression algorithms?”

“What was your least favorite and your favorite class in college and why?

What skills did you learn in college that would help you work here?”

“What are some ways to prevent an SQL injection?”

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