Engineering Management Interview Questions

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“It wasn't difficult, and although not unexpected as I was notified I would need to complete it, but the psychological evaluation. I was not informed of the results of my psych eval, however, I am...”

“Tell me about a time when you were asked/told to do something that you were not in agreement with, and how did you handle it?”

“Paraphrasing: Describe a situation where you observed things going off the rails on a project and you chose not to take action. What happened, and why did you make that choice?”

“What project that the company is currently running do you disagree with and why?”

“Describe what you would do if your boss assigned you a project that he needed completed in 4 weeks but you realize that it actually takes 6 weeks to complete, but your boss tells you that 4 weeks is...”

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“What will you do if the client asked for more features and you are already behind schedule”

“Why do you want to work here.”

“How much process experience?”

“Complexity of Binary search algorithm”

“Talk about why I'm not going back to my previous company that I intern.”

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