Engineering Management Trainee Interview Questions

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“1. What made you choose your major and your college?
2. Tell me about CAD software.
3. Why the low GPA? (I had stupidly put my low GPA on my resume).
4. Why should I hire you for this job?”

“Things did not move quickly.”

“Describe a time you worked with a team and failed.”

“Give me an example of a time when you set a goal and were able to meet or achieve it.”

“How do you feel about relocation?
In a room full of people how do you act? Do you go and start conversation with people or do you stand around and wait for someone to come up to you.”

“The role play was the most difficult. I was given 15 minutes to review a scenario that involved me needing to deal with a disgruntled union employee who didnt trust management.”

“There was no one question per Se. The most difficult part of the process is conveying that you are what they are looking for in the format they are wanting. It is unlikely that any of the people…”

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