Engineering Manager Interview Questions

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“Paraphrase: Since your perspective employees will have more knowledge in the given area than you will, how will you gain credibility with them?”

“Describe an approach to providing security and authentication of Net Centric Enterprise Services in a shared network architecture.”

“What lead to my choice of undergraduate university and did I feel that I earned a quality education.”

“If you had an assignment that required you to ride a unicycle while juggling, what would you do to acquire these skills?”

“Opal wanted a demonstation of my presentation skills”

“What does a cow weigh? I understand that this is a fairly typical type of question to test abstract thinking ability for engineers. I had fun with it.

Most interviews focused on experience and…”

“One interviewer asked "soft" questions about the best way to implement a solution to a certain problem.”

“Tell us about a time when? What was the situation, What did you do, What was the outcome.”

“How will you influence the Dept. to reach its goals?”

“What was one of your best accomplishments?”

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