Engineering Program Manager Interview Questions

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“You have a program with something or component that fails 1 week before launch. What do you do?”

“You have no extra time and no extra resources but is asked by the CEO to add 20 extra features, what do you do?”

“What does a cow weigh? I understand that this is a fairly typical type of question to test abstract thinking ability for engineers. I had fun with it.

Most interviews focused on experience and…”

“How do you go about defining a new SW feature, from start to finish?”

“What do you do when you find out two weeks before launch that a software feature still hasn't been implemented?”

“How do you star a program with papers of specifications?”

“the CFO asked me to describe a circumstance where I did not get along with a superior manager and how I handled it.”

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“What will you do if the client asked for more features and you are already behind schedule”

“How are microcode and firmware different? Where are they similar?”

“How do you handle difficult team members?”

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