Engineering Supervisor Interview Questions

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“As I said, I believe that i have more experience and capabilities than those that interviewed me. I did not encounter any questioning that i viewed as difficult.”

“Name 3 of your weaknesses”

“Why do you want to work here”

“do you have any questions that you would like me to answer?”

“what makes you an ideal candidate for this position? what do you know about bechtel?”

“How do you see yourself fitting into our strong ethical culture?”

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“First question was about money.”

“The hiring manager asked how I was going to develop the skills of the employees when interviewing for the QC Supervisor Position. I had always used data to guide my decisions when continuously…”

“Asked if I was ready to supervise a group of people and work at the position for 5 years, with extended employment following.”

“N/A. No technical questions. Just talked about my background, and the duties of the job.”

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