Enterprise Account Manager Interview Questions

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“What are the most important characteristics that an Account Manager should possess? How would handle someone who was not doing their job.”

“The Mock Sales Pitch was a bit difficult due to time to prepare.”

“What have you done in sales? How much have you earned?”

“Do you have any suggestions?”

“Would you recommend applying to this company?”

“The sales manager sarcastically asking why I didn't ask one of the other interviewers what he had done previously before working at DocuSign.”

“Since you didn't come from the HR or recruitment field how are you going to work within this industry since most of your experience comes from Tech Publishing?”

“Give me the top 5 things that you are looking for in a company that you are getting at your currently company. We are concerned about someone who is interviewing us for a job that has been with...”

“If you had 9 balls, all of the same color and size - but, one weighed more than all of the others of equal weight - using a balance scale and only two opportunities to weigh the balls, how would you...”

“How to construct large deals, ELAs.”

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