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“How honest are you?”

“How would people communicate in a perfect world?”

“Get ready for swearing during the interview process...”

Engineering at Esri

Jul 28, 2010

“What's the best way to detect a loop in a linked list?”

“I think it's inappropriate to ask applicants to donate two hours to an online assessment pre-interview, at the start of the interviewing process. It seems arrogant, and impersonal. I'd be fine with…”

“A snail moves up a 5m long tree as follows: 1) he goes up 3m in the morning and 2) he goes down 2m at night. How long will it take him to reach the top of the 5m tree?”

“Considering a 2-dimension matrix that can only be traversed by 1 adjacent position at a time and never diagonally. Create an algorithm to traverse that matrix from its upper-left corner to its…”

“Two trains, each moving at 20 miles per hour towards each other, are initially 60 miles apart. A bee starts at the front of one train, flies to the other train, then back to the first train, and so…”

“Onsite interview 1: A paper test, questions including Java syntax, SQL, JavaScript, code review. Java syntax question is: given a method: int exchange(int a), we need: if a == 1 return 2, if a…”

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