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“How honest are you?”

“How would people communicate in a perfect world?”

“Find the first index of the substring.
Do not use java library function or regular expressions.

And measure the performance of your implementation with the standard java library…”

“How to find a special weight ball from 8 balls while other 7 have the same weight with a balance? (all same color, shape etc.) Trick is that you don't know if the special ball is lighter or heavier.”

“Give an array of Integer which contain duplicate number from 1-100, how to count how many distinct number you have?”

“Get ready for swearing during the interview process...”

Engineering at Esri

Jul 28, 2010

“What's the best way to detect a loop in a linked list?”

“I think it's inappropriate to ask applicants to donate two hours to an online assessment pre-interview, at the start of the interviewing process. It seems arrogant, and impersonal. I'd be fine with…”

“A snail moves up a 5m long tree as follows: 1) he goes up 3m in the morning and 2) he goes down 2m at night. How long will it take him to reach the top of the 5m tree?”

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