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“5 horses on a 5-lane track. You have 5 horses and you want to rank the top three. All you have available to you is a track and the ability to tell perfectly in which order the horses crossed the…”

Engineer at MongoDB

Mar 5, 2012

“How much water is on the planet (earth)?”

Engineering at

Jun 27, 2011

“Given a set of Sentences containing lower case letters only, remove common phrases from each sentence. Here a phrase is defined by 3 or more consecutive words.
S1 = "I my bye good";
S2 = "my…”

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“Verify a BST”

“Why do you want to work for us?”

“Tell me about what happens when you plug in a ethernet cable into a computer”

“find a loop in a list”

“How do you find the next highest element in a binary search tree?”

“Please tell me how you'd design a campaign to capture the SMB market”

“Are you local and can you be at work by 8am”

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