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“Tell me about what happens when you plug in a ethernet cable into a computer”

“find a loop in a list”

“How do you find the next highest element in a binary search tree?”

“Please tell me how you'd design a campaign to capture the SMB market”

“Are you local and can you be at work by 8am”

“find common numbers in 2 arrays of integer, try to use O(N).”

“The Recruiter told me to take the predictive index without thinking about it, just go with my gut. So when I received the test in my email, it was a Friday afternoon, and I just opened it up and…”

Analyst at SAIC

Jul 2, 2012
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“What does your ideal day look like?”

“Using a normal justice scale (google for image), what's the minimum number of weighings required to find the heaviest of 9 different balls?”

“Implement int value bit counting.”

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