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“What would I do on the job in my first 90-180 days?”

“architecture questions; linked lists manipulatioin implementations”

“The question was to given two words figure out if they are anagrams with O(N ) complexity and using kernel level code.Also optimize further if possible.”

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“In a language of your choosing, write a function that takes three inputs, a, b, and c, and returns all solutions to the equation ax^2+bx+c = 0.”

“What programs are you mot comfortable with?”

“Write a program printing '"hello World" without semi colon in c.”

“How much would you charge to wash the windows in downtown?”

“What are the port number for smtp, ftp and http”

“Nothing too overwhelming. Two I remember are:

How would you take a list of items and remove any duplicates.

How would you check the string "RACECAR" to determine whether or not it is spelled…”

“How would you list all the files newer than yesterday?”

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