Entry Level Consultant Interview Questions

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“Have i ever had to do a project independent study or by myself?”

“You don't seem to have any business experience so how do you expect to do well in this type of business?”

“You have to discuss with the panel about the brainstorming session you would conduct with your team before talking to CIO of a company about the security loopholes in the mobile devices.”

“Case Interview: A regional economy class car rental company wants to break into the luxury car market. What do you recommend?”

“Case was: your client is a company who has invented an eye drop that cures nearsightedness for a month - how should they price this product, what should be there business strategy, and what is the…”

“When was a time you were faced with a challenging group of people to solve a problem and how did you go about doing it?”

“Tell us about your passion and make us want to go and do it”

“What is your biggest achievement and explain why”

“I was given a case analyzing a potential market for Deloitte and if I would like to start a business there.”

“Can you talk about some of the jobs you have on your resume”

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