Entry Level Consultant Interview Questions

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“Why do you think you are a good fit for this role?”

“What is your strength? Weakness?”

“General questions about business structures, economics, profit drivers, etc. He peppered the questions throughout the entire interview. For example, if you were a power company, what policies would…”

“What does your e-mail look like?”

“sell yourself in 1 minute with no prep time, this was difficult to do well on the spot”

“Imagine you are an Oliver Wyman consultant and you have been invited to a dinner party with some clients. How would you answer if you were asked by ones of these clients: "What makes you unique?"”

“The two behavioral interviewers really liked the "tell me about yourself/walk me through your resume" question - they asked both times, my guess is to check for consistency in your answers. They also…”

“No difficult questions, just highlight why you would be a good consultant”

“How would you describe your leadership style?”

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