Entry Level Consultant Interview Questions

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“The open ended questions can be difficult as it is really hard to know what exactly is the interviewer looking for. The question I was asked was to explain one technical concept in simple terms, then...”

“The first case interview was analytical. It was basic math but the correct questions needed to be asked by me in order to come up with the correct revenue - estimate. Another case dealt with a...”

“Why do you think you are a good fit for this role?”

“What is your strength? Weakness?”

“General questions about business structures, economics, profit drivers, etc. He peppered the questions throughout the entire interview. For example, if you were a power company, what policies would...”

“What does your e-mail look like?”

“sell yourself in 1 minute with no prep time, this was difficult to do well on the spot”

“What kind of projects have you worked on?”

“Talk about this leadership position on your resume.”

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