Entry Level Developer Interview Questions

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“Reverse a string without using a loop in C.”

“As you what this SQL statement does:

Select * From p.users Inner Join a.addresses Order By p.lastname”

“Difference between abstract class and interface?
Difference between override and overload?
SQL questions.”

“As long as you follow STAR and understand the concepts, you will make it far. The problem solving question was the most difficult, primarily because it was over the phone. It was a 3 part question…”

“There were no difficult questions”

“What software design patterns do you know?”

“If you enter integer 10 or 20 output ping. If you enter 5 or 15 enter pong. If you enter 25 output Ping Pong.”

“List 5 types of marketing and which is most effective.”

“What do you like the most about photography”

“What are your strengths and weakness.”

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