Entry Level Engineer Interview Questions

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“Array reverse without using iteration. Code in C.”

“What skills will help you do this job efficiently?”

“Most of the questions were standard behavioral questions, or questions about projects listed on my resume. They did ask (Q1) "how much do you know about cars?". They also asked (Q2) since my graduate...”

“How would you test an 30+ 3x10 LED array?”

“They seemed most interested in my international experience and why I decided to become a civil engineer in the first place. The interview itself was definitely more of a discussion and the folks in...”

“What is an abstract class and why would you use it?”

“What attracted you to primera?”

“"So, what do you expect to be doing at Dynalloy?" (asked this about 3 or 4 times!!)”

“Say one of you projects from which you got nagative experience. And what do you learn from this nagative experience?”

“None were difficult. Reverse a string, linked list, fib (iterative and recursive). Basic SQL join on two tables. Extremely repetitive, I had multiple interviewers ask me to do the same thing. Was...”

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