Entry Level Engineer Interview Questions

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“What are your salary requirements?”

“Why Garmin?”

“I was asked to solve a relatively simple trick question about sizing a pump.”

“The interview required a test, 2 in fact. 1 - 30 minute autoCAD test applying drawing corrections and the second a 4 question basic knowledge design test, including an area of steel calculation for a…”

“write Maxwell equation”

“When is a time that you have failed to meet a goal or deadline?”

“Do you prefer to use Thread class or Runnable to instantiate a thread?”

“some bit manipulation question”

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“A java class called Person was given with some details of mother father age sex children so on and was asked to find the greatest sister in the family tree and the greatest ancestors, I am not sure…”

“What are the two theories of stability? How do you know a system will be unstable?”

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