Entry Level Java Developer Interview Questions

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“Basic Java questions”

“As long as you follow STAR and understand the concepts, you will make it far. The problem solving question was the most difficult, primarily because it was over the phone. It was a 3 part question...”

“Technical Questions: 1. Three pillars of OOP with explanation of each 2. Final Keyword in Java 3. Abstract Class & Interface difference 4. JSP & Servlets difference 5. What is meant by...”

“Explain a situation were you used team work to solve a problem and what was the result?”

“what are your expectations in term of salary. I asked for the average and he told me 40 $ and 50$ and I did not believe him”

“Am I an Military Veteran who was discharged under honorable conditions.”

“Why is Java considered more secure for online transactions?”

“probably, explaining them my school career, it was the longest answer needed question.”

“HOw to build a binary search algorithm.”

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