Entry Level Manager Interview Questions

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“What is something you could work on?”

“Where do I REALLY want to see myself within 3 months, 1 year, 10 years?”

“What stood out most to you on the website?

“what are you wanting?”

“I thought it was interesting that they asked on the paper they gave me to state where I would most like to travel. It was very unexpected but it made me optimistic about the job overall.”

“There are two types of people that stay away from commission based pay, lazy people and people who have never done it. I am assuminig you are the second one, right?”

“If you could travel anywhere for free, where would you go?”

“Tell me about a time you have failed”

“What is it that you are looking for in a posion that best suites you?”

“What do you look for in a job ?”

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