Entry Level Sales Interview Questions

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“What motivates you? Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Do you see yourself as an employee or employer? What are your 3 biggest strengths? 3 weaknesses?”

“There are not difficult questions. It's about showing you have what it takes to be in sales. If you want to impress, lead as many cold calls as possible on that first ride day.”

“could you see yourself doing this everyday?”

“Why should we choose you over other more experienced canidates?”

“What would you do to sell someone on a product you knew they were already opposed to?”

“Most questions asked were professional questions, but there were some personal questions he asked to get to know me better. Questions regarding my sports background, communication ability and…”

“What is your personal sales philosophy?”

“Show me how you would win over the client in a situation like this.”

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