Entry Level Sales Position Interview Questions

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“What is the most difficult thing that you've ever had to do what was the outcome and what did you learn from it?”

“The interviewer asked me about a time when I contributed back to society (it wasn't too unexpected but I was a bit surprised as I didn't prepare specifically for the question as I was prepping for…”

“If you would pick anyone in the world to be a great example of leadership who would it be?”

“its a sales pitch, the whole interview”

“What motivates you? Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Do you see yourself as an employee or employer? What are your 3 biggest strengths? 3 weaknesses?”

“What would you do to sell someone on a product you knew they were already opposed to?”

“Why do you want this job if your background area of study is so different from this position?”

“Show me how you would win over the client in a situation like this.”

“Are you comfortable working late hours? (Are you excited about having no life outside of work?)”

“What past experiences would benefit you in this position?”

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