Entry Level Sales Representative Interview Questions

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“On a scale of 1-10 (10 being perfect), how would your customer communication be?”

“I know it's a typical question they ask during job interviews, but this one caught me off guard. What are your strengths and weaknesses?”

“Most of the questions were fairly straight forward. One that took me off guard was "What is your biggest influence?"”

“If you spoke with someone for an hour, what misconception would they walk away having about you?”

“Multiple choice questions. A through D. What we were the most like, from a list of four. Then from this same list we chose what we the least like. We then tallied A through D.”

“- They look at your character and work ethics.
- What makes you a good leader?”

“There are not difficult questions. It's about showing you have what it takes to be in sales. If you want to impress, lead as many cold calls as possible on that first ride day.”

“None of the questions were difficult. The job itself is horrible.”

“could you see yourself doing this everyday?”

“I was asked multiple times if I could handle this position because they knew it can get really boring and discouraging. This was really off putting to me, it seems as though everyone I talked to put…”

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