Enumerator Interview Questions

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“what do you find interesting? What motivates me to be the best?”

“No questions, aside from "Are you still interested?"”

“There was no interview, just an exam to pass. Soo, for those who dread interviews, work for the census the next time it rolls around! The most difficult questions will come from the people whose…”

“Describe a time when you failed, what was the problem, and how you overcame the problem.”

“Don't be discouraged if you aren't able to finish or answer correctly all of the exam questions. Very important that you completed the sample exam before taking the actual test.”

“Why are you a good candidate to U.S. Census?”

“None of the questions were very difficult. There was actually a practice test you could take online as well”

“Name the cross streets near your house.”

“There were no interview questions. The most difficult exam question had to do with the most direct route to cover a few blocks on a map.”

“You were asked if you could work a given schedule on the spot and had to answer yes or no”

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