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“Tell me a time when you dealt with a difficult co-worker?”

“More of an informational discussion than a specifics interview.”

“Which job you've ever had are you nostalgic for or would like to do again.”

“I can't wrap my head around how you create a cultural change so quickly if you're not there that long. Explain that to me again!”

“I always find the most difficult question with these types of positions is "Why do you want to be a [housekeeper] with our company?" Come up with something creative or original, because we all know...”

“You're overqualified for the job and would be making less pay then you were in your previous position. What is going to keep you from jumping ship once a better offer comes along.”

“If you had multiple tasks all with the same importance/deadlines, how would you decide which one to work on first?”

“I noticed "xxx" wasn't on your resume. Do you lack experience with "xxx" or can you adjust your resume to include similar/related experience?”

“. Describe a time when you were part of a project or planning team that could not agree”

“Are you familiar with all of the Aramark program pieces?”

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