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Epsilon Interviews  /  HQ: Irving, TX

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Epsilon Systems Interviews  /  HQ: San Diego, CA

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Epsilon (Sweden) Interviews  /  HQ: Malmo, SW

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Epsilon Interview Questions

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BSA at Epsilon

Aug 4, 2010

“how do you know a fridge light is out?”

“What did you like least about your last position?”

“What would your previous managers say about you?”

“A lot SQL questions.”

“What type of manager would you not work well under?”

“Why did I not finish the task they request prior to interviewing. I was given a template to build out. The time given was expected from an advanced person who has used the tools and methods they were…”

“I expected a little better opportunity to demonstrate real-life skills than pure on-demand white-boarding”

“How are you with advanced SQL? Can you demonstrate?”

“About Selenium tool”

“The site is a high ticket site, are you capable of dealing with that?”

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