Escalation Engineer Interview Questions

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“Reverse a linked list.”

“What settings on available for NIC properties?”

“With two probes, determine the [clockwise/counterclockwise] direction that a plate with 2 different colors (split along a diameter) is spinning.”

“The hardest questions I got was related to the project. The team knew the software at a very high level”

“The most difficult question was a troubleshooting scenario where the variable would always change, regardless what my answers and solutions were. I would re-assess what I knew about it and what I had…”

“The phone screening was very technical and lengthy. Mine lasted close to 2 hours. I made it though.”

“If you don't know the answer, say you don't know and move on. Do not try to make up an answer, that will work against you.”

“Problems seen in LAN traces like TCP resets and Lost packets and possible reasons, LAN trace analysis, Questions on TCP handshake”

“What happens when a switch is set to 100Mb and the computer is set to autonegotiate?”

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