Esthetician Interview Questions

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“You can be on call, even during your work hours at your present job.”

“If you don't sell 30% of your sales are you okay with the company deducting your paycheck 5%?”

“What would you consider to be your weakness?”

“What brand of product is your favorite and why?”

“Schedule preferance”

“The most unexpected thing I was asked was if I could begin training the next day. Other than that it was a very standard and casual interview.”

“Will you be bringing with you an established clientele?”

“Are you an honest person?”

“This was not an interview at all. It's a "fill in the gap" position.”

“She ask about your family like, she likes to hire married with children so you "have something to lose " she says to be very spiritual and also needs a godly staff. To me she does not practice what...”

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