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“Are you familiar with galvanized steel?”

“Why do you think you are the most qualified for this position?”

“Don't remember- they were firing away from 6 sides.”

“None. The interview questions were easy and I was very familiar with all topics.”

Estimator at Sebastian

Jan 28, 2014

“Give me an example of how you solved a problem for a customer.”

“What is the biggest part of any process that you have changed to make the process better and what was your involvement.”

“Name a time when you had to make a difficult decision”

“How does your previous experience make you more or less suitable for this position?”

“All questions needed examples of things you have done and how they turned out.”

“Basic Electricity Question on Resistors, Voltage, AMP, OHM's Law, others.

Also, you must know how to configure both Analog and IP Cameras.

Know the following: Port-Forwarding, DDNS, HOSTS…”

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