Ethics Interview Questions

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“Why do you think you were chosen to come back for a second interview?”

“Question - what do you do in a situation where a customer makes a mistake in your favor and overpays you?”

“Are you used to doing spec creative? Do you have any moral issues passing off spec work as client work? We do that in pitches a lot. For example, if we're pitching something we don't have any…”

“What would you do if you saw another co-worker stealing a bottle of water?”

“Why do you think you would be a good police officer, and what do you have to offer.”

“How would you deal with ambiguity in the workplace?”

“What made you decide to go into reinsurance brokerage?”

“There was no formal interview. Hire was based on previous work.”

“They asked me to provide the current client list for my company and their clients contact details.”

“Can you use a computer (seriously)”

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