Event Planning Interview Questions

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“"If we need to sell 10% of the mops in one hour and I speak to an average of 2 people per minute, how many people do I need to talk to to reach our goal?"”

“What are your weaknesses. I never know how to answer this one.”

“how well do you handle stress and in what ways do you handle pressure?”

“I cannot remember the situational question”

“No difficult questions. Very specific Q&A to background and experience for current role.”

“Why do you think you can do this job over someone else?”

“What do you know about AHA?
Why are you interested in working for AHA?
What skills will you utilize in this position?
What are you expecting to gain from this position?”

“He asked absolutely zero from my resume, experience, or about me. I asked him at least 5-8 questions, for which I got no straight answers.”

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