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Event Service at CUES

Nov 11, 2011

“What would you do at a scenario where your co-worker didn't show up and you have to do most of the work for the company when it is the busiest day.”

“Tell me one thing that you encountered in the past? Do you have any conflicts when you work in college, and how did you solve it? Which brand you want to work?”

“There were no difficult questions asked. They spoke mainly of their vision of the position.”

“Did I have the ability to take the gear from the warehouse and model it so it was in CAD for operations?”

“Give an example of a difficult challenge and how you overcame it.”

“Give an example of a time when you had to multi-task.”

“How many hours of classes are you taking?”

“Which one of your previous positions was most meaningful to you?”

“What other positions have you been applying to?”

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