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“There were no difficult questions, the interviewer read my application and resume, eyes seemed to light up and told me the dress requirements if I didn't have the items (khaki pants and black tennis…”

“Would I be able to attend the 16 hours of security training (company paid)”

“You need to be available Thursday - Sunday but you might only work one day per week”

“Why do you want to work in health care?”

Event Planner at EY

Nov 20, 2013

“Giving an answer to "where do you want to be in 5 years?" is always tough.”

“"If we need to sell 10% of the mops in one hour and I speak to an average of 2 people per minute, how many people do I need to talk to to reach our goal?"”

“Why do you want to work at the women's center?”

“Was I comfortable with making the quota of meeting with around 30-40 businesses in 8 hours?”

“Working with people who have MS can be challenging because they themselves are dealing with physical challenges. Talk to me about a situation where you had to deal with someone that was disbaled. How…”

“Please tell me WHAT multiple sclerosis is?”

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