Events Marketing Coordinator Interview Questions

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“The second interview was a test: I was given a budget of $1,000 and 7 business days to create an event for the team of 10. Entertain them for three hours at an off-site location. This was to show my…”

“I wasn't asked a difficult question, but the interviewer didn't know how to continue the conversation after I gave an answer to a question. Very unprofessional and choppy.”

“Do you know different direct sales techniques?”

“Good question that put me on the spot was, "why should we offer this opportunity to you vs. someone else?"”

“The questions were not difficult or unexpected.”

“What is the most impressive thing you’ve ever done?”

“The questions were a bit off, not like the normal interview questions. The questions were basically asking you if you would do it. They really didn't care about anything else. It seemed to me that if…”

“None, it is incredibly easy. For a reason.”

“What is your biggest weakness?
What is your teaching style?
How do you deal with "no's?"”

“I think the presentation was probably the most difficult part. I didn't have much time to prepare (only 2 days)”

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