Executive Assistant Interview Questions

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“Why are you considering leaving your present place of employment?”

“Summarize your public relations experience in 10 words or less.”

“I was asked very generally about my previous experience.”

“The questions weren't difficult or unexpected. The biggest issue facing the two C-levels was travel. They wanted to know how I would best handle international and domestic travel situations (like…”

“This was a very scripted interview in that if you've read the "top 10 interview questions" all of them were asked. The panel of 6 came in to the interview in groups of 2 which makes the interviewee…”

“The interview itself was not difficult, it was just very uneasy because the questions they asked had nothing to with the job. He asked to many personal questions unrelated to the position. I was not…”

“"Are you planning on having a baby in the near future? If so, when?" So rude and not even legal to ask someone in an interview.”

“What makes you the best candidate for this position?”

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