Executive Director Interview Questions

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“If you were a Disney character who would you be and why?”

“asked all of the "basic/canned" interview questions... why are you looking for a job, what do you look for in an employer, etc.”

“Why dont you have your immediate former boss listed as your reference? Can I call her anyway?”

“How exactly will you raise funds. Exactly from whom will you make requests.”

“Why do you want to serve with us? Why are you leaving corporate where it's really cushy to come here?”

“Approach to taking over from someone being replaced for poor work performance...”

“what is your favorite ice cream?”

“Describe a project you managed”

“Ask about my Mgmt experience”

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“Most difficult part was sitting through him trying to rationalize why they were not "technically a door to door sales company" I mean, if that's what you are then embrace it - dont try to hide...”

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