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“where would you go if you have to spend your holidays?”

“What are your expectations of working for Disney, and of this job in particular?”

“It wasn't difficult, but I was given a scenario regarding a customer that wasn't happy that they had been advertising for just a week and were not happy with the results; they said it wasn't working...”

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“If you had several tasks and had to finish them all by the same deadline, how would you approach this?”

“Freelancers are famously renegade, lone-wolf types who live by their own rules and eschew corporate culture. How would you feel moving into a more structured, albeit not hyper-corporate, environment?”

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“Really, there were no surprises. As I said above, the expectations were set very clearly from the in-house recruiter. They have a very specific type of person they're looking for, and all the hard...”

“WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU? You were supposed to be here at 3.”

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“These questions were not unexpectes as all of them are here on this site. I used this site to study and prepare. Why do you want to work for Target? What interests you about this position? What...”

“How would you convince some one over the phone to take the mentioned products?”

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