Executive Marketing Interview Questions

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“Are you a leader or follower in a group?”

“What are your top two Strengths?”

“Didn't even ask anything, asked me if I went to school 4 times, and basic questions. They want you to be glued to them when they don't care about you.”

“A total for 4 tests are given prior to completing your 1st department interview.”

“Fairly deep probing into early career years. Questions about position details and decisions made.”

“What I was looking for in a position?”

“Many questions, what my expectations are from a boss, know your numbers, very big on numbers! your asp, average sales time frame, your current % to goal, your #s for last year, year before, i typed...”

“There are no unexpected questions of the Recruiter, they do all of the talking through persuasive techniques to entice the interviewee through flattery to join their cult.”

“None. All straight-forward.. 1) What makes a good sales exec? 2) Who is adroll and who do we compete with? 3) How have you been successful in your previous roles? 4) What do you like to do outside of...”

“Tell me about how your experiences make you a good fit for this position.”

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