Executive Team Leader Interview Questions

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“Tell me about a time you had to give someone negative feedback?”

“Tell me about a time you had to challenge your boss?”

“Provide an example of a time where you received feedback that was not expected.”

“Can't think of one specifically, but probably something about giving upward, negative feedback. This company is based on being very transparent and being able to give appropriate feedback at all…”

“Tell me about a time that you had to assume responsability for something that you did wrong?”

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“Why Target?) Tell me about a time when you had to present a concern that a group was not comfortable with voicing? How do you handle conflict with co-workers and give an example?Tell me a time…”

“What was a difficult decision that you have had to make in your life?”

“Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”

“Please explain the last time you realized you made a mistake, how did you handle it?”

“Describe a time you disagreed with a supervisor”

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