Experience Specialist Interview Questions

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“Sell this pen to me.”

“Why do you want to work for Verizon Wireless?”

“they showed me an interface and asked me how to improve”

“1.) "Why after two years of being self employed did you decide to come back to the work force in a retail environment?"
2.) "Other than people, why else do you like a retail environment?"
3.) "Do…”

“Describe a time when someone disagreed with your decision? Why Ford?”

“How would you handle being asked a question about technology you didn't know anything about.”

“Give me a time when you disagreed with management. How did you present the issue and what was your action to persuade them that your way is the right way.”

“What do you know about the department (the Customer Service department)?”

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“Describe yourself using only three words?”

“What did you like about their Credo?”

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