Express Delivery Services interview questions

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“Driving experience and medical questions to see if you can work as a driver. At this particular station the only people that are hired are those that will pass a DOT physical and have a clean record.”

“why do you want to work here”

“what makes you better than your coworkers?”

“I was informed I would using my own vehicle with no insurance provided by said Co. nor assistance with compensationg for fuel expenses which was surprising since gas at the time was hovering right...”

Courier at FedEx

Sep 30, 2011

“Have you ever had a situation where you had to take lead, what was the situation and how did you handle it?”

“Your schedule”

“Explain active listening?”

“Name a time I had more then one commencement at one time. (More then one job at a time or job and school)”

Courier at FedEx

Aug 1, 2015

“Mostly about experience, job ethics and why I think I qualify”

“The technical questions were expected and not difficult”

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