Express Delivery Services interview questions

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“The most difficult or unexpected question was, what were your weaknesses. Initially, the interviewee would answer this question with a negative response, "Such as I missed work, or didn't complete a...”

“How long do you want to work for this job”

“Talk about yourself”

“In an effort to test your basic knowledge of business acumen, how can Fedex improve public perception in regards to other competition, e.g. UPS. In order to give the company a leading edge in an...”

“Is it possible to have an a project with a negative NPV but a positive IRR and MIRR? And if so what does this mean?”

“What type of vehicle do you drive?”

“Can you work outdoors in all types of weather?”

“Name a situation where you faced an unexpected problem and explain how you overcame it. The interview was very relaxed. The managers were personable and didn't put much pressure on me during the...”

Driver at FedEx

Aug 24, 2015

“did I enjoy my last job? what are my goals?”

“A time you encountered an obstacle and how you overcame it.”

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