Family Case Manager Interview Questions

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“They ask you to look at a picture of a dirty home, and describe in writing what you see in the picture.”

“During the phone interview they ask you if there is anything you wouldn't want to be posted in the paper about yourself.”

“What do you think about placing a child back in a home where he was previously abused?”

“"What are you looking forward to in your next job?"”

“Tell me a time when you dealt with a difficult client and what was the outcome?”

“What do you think constitutes abuse/neglect?”

“The most difficult question was the writing prompt. It was regarding a situation of a dirty home and the attitudes of the family members in the home. We had to determine how the situation would be…”

“If your team members where mad at each other and started making it very uncomfortable for you to do your and their jobs correctly, how would you handle that situation?”

“1. Do you have a problem being supervisor by staff younger and less experienced than yourself?”

“Do you have a good support system?”

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