Family Nurse Practitioner Interview Questions

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“Why I am chose to apply for a retail clinic position”

“How would you manage pain medication seeking behavior? A scenario was provided”

“Describe a time when you had to be creative while you faced major obstacles ?”

“They follow a standard interview questionnaire. They did ask specific dosing for amoxicillin in kids and they require you to state you would test for strep with the rapid antigen test, and not give a...”

“Overall, this was a standard interview without any surprises. I was asked how I would handle a difficult patient. A common situation is a person with a cold who insists they have a sinus infection...”

“What was the best employment situation for you?”

“The staff did not have an organized set of question for the interview. The entire process was more interested in whether you were good friends with the management staff or not. It felt more like a...”

“Describe a situation where you had to prioritize your patients during a very busy shift.”

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