Family Service Counselor Interview Questions

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“How do you feel you are qualified to deal with death?”

“How many hours do you think it takes to be successful in this line of work?”

“Do u have a another stream of income until you start making the big bucks, then you will qualify for our yearly trip.”

“What do you tell a wife who doesn't have the money to bury her husband, even though the funeral is minutes away from occurring?”

“Do you mind working for minimum wage plus commissions?”

“They did not ask me much of anything. They just wasted a lot of my time.”

“What do you think it will take to make it in sales.”

“How would you feel about working at a cemetery?”

“How would you deal with working with families who have just lost a loved one to suicide- Would you feel comfortable selling them products and services- How would you be both ethical and…”

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