Fast-Food & Quick-Service Restaurants interview questions

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“Do you even want to be here?”

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“is it alright to take money from the cash register?”

Intern at Starbucks

Oct 23, 2012

“How many snowplows do they use in the city?”

“what do you think the job of service crew?”

Barista at Starbucks

Jul 27, 2011

“Have you ever missed a test because of health reasons or family issues?”

“Why you think you should work with McDonald's ?”

“What do you think you can contribute to Mcdonald's?”

“How long have you been married and is fidelity important to you.”

“When would you be willing to start?”

Cashier at KFC

Apr 8, 2012

“What would you do if there was a line of angry customers and the person infront was taking a long time to order?”

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