Finance Accounting Interview Questions

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“"What would you do if you realized you gave a manager incorrect information for a presentation he is giving in 15 minutes? Walk me through your course of action."”

“Tell me about a time you had a project involving the use of Data? Tell me about 'so&so' on your resume? Asked about specific news & economic development in Greece (original company was Greek and…”

“Ask me when I can show up for an onsite, told them right away and open. Guess not good enough”

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“"Tell me about a job or volunteer experience that you would never do again"”

“What does it mean for a company to have high payables?
What does it mean if operating profit is increasing, but revenues are decreasing?
Why did you choose accounting?”

“How do you define a good leader?”

“"What is your favorite non-major class and why?"”

“(keep in mind, I'd recently been a key contributor to developing accounting methodologies to complete the largest banking merger in US history). Interviewer: "Explain in detail these methodologies…”

“"Why do you want to LEAVE your company?”

“What are your expectations for working here at Siemens?”

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