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“Why is a man hole round?”

“Given a dollar value, write a function that calculates the number of possible coin combinations that make up that value.”

“If you have all the companies that are traded, and live inputs are coming of which company is being traded and what is the volume, how do you maintain the data, so that you can carry out operation of…”

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“1) Why Bloomberg ?
2) 1 thing you would like to change about Bloomberg ?
3) They will grill you on your resume. Know every thing that you write on it.
4) Implementing queue using stack library in…”

“Write a function to check if a given tree is a valid binary search tree or not.”

“Pipe system call in UNIX.”

“Without having a company's financial statements, what is something you should know in order to evaluate whether or not they should receive a loan.”

“How have you used microsoft excel in to help solve a problem.”

“Walk me through a Discounted Cash Flow.”

“Hash Code Implimentation”

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