Finance Intern Interview Questions

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“Why did you get a B+ in course X?”

“What are your strengths?”

“N people seated around a round table. Kth person removed every turn, until only one remains. Code the solution”

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“prove your analytical skill”

“What made you decide to join audit”

“If you were shrunk down to the size of a pen and stuck inside of a blender, tell me all of the ways that you could think to get out of the blender?”

“Given some rules of an alphabet (like a->c, 'a' comes before 'c'), find the alphabet.”

“You have a binary tree with each node having 3 pointers (left, right, side). Set the side pointers of the last level of the tree to point to their nearby node.”

“Find if an expression containing [({ is syntactically correct.”

“How is this internship relevant to your field of study?”

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