Finance Operations Interview Questions

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“Pretend 1% of the population has a disease. You have a test that determines if you have that disease, but it's only 80% accurate and 20% of the time you get a false positive, how likely is it you...”

“The questions weren't difficult or unexpected. The biggest issue facing the two C-levels was travel. They wanted to know how I would best handle international and domestic travel situations (like...”

“C-level execs spoke in Spanish to me.”

“"Look at this pen and tell me all of the inputs required to make it and bring it to market."”

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“Finance processes”

“Tell me about yourself?”

“How good are you with Excel”

“What does it mean for a company to have high payables? What does it mean if operating profit is increasing, but revenues are decreasing? Why did you choose accounting?”

“Discuss previous roles”

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