Finance Rotation Program Interview Questions

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“Technical interview is by far the most difficult, make sure that when you study to relate everything back to an insurance company.”

“What was Cisco's 2012 revenue? What is Cisco's share price today?”

“What would you do if one manager assigned to you consistently went over budget and disputed your figures?”

“They asked me about the fixed costs associated with my case, and specifically why I included them in a DCF.”

“What does it mean for a company to have high payables? What does it mean if operating profit is increasing, but revenues are decreasing? Why did you choose accounting?”

“What can you tell me about the financial crisis?”

“1st. Case interview”

“- How does a change in depreciation affect all 3 major financial statements? - How would you estimate MS Office sales for next year? - Tell me about a difficult situation you faced and how did you...”

“University Credit card - should university buy it out from Capital One or how can Capital One keep university from buying out the card (from the case interview).”

“what is Freddie's business model”

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